Cattery van ’t Saenhof

Sacred Birmans & Maine Coons


Welcome to our website.

Marjon did see the Sacred Birman for the first time at Cattery van de Simona's in Zaandam.

 The appearance and the beautiful blue eyes, but also his character were decisive, and so she became addicted to this breed.

So far this little description of our cattery.

We wish you a lot of fun when viewing our site.

For questions, you can always call us or send us an email.

Marjon and Johan Willemse

As seeing the kittens grow up is much fun, Marjon, after searching for a suitable name, started her own cattery around 1995.

Years later, Johan joined the staff of any "Holy".

Occasionally we have a litter of kittens, and for those kittens we are looking for loving new owners who always want to contact us personally before we decide whether to give a kitten.

Also, the love for the Maine Coon is great that four GKG’s (Great Kind Giants) are running around.

Cattery van ’t Saenhof

Sacred Birmans & Maine Coons

Our cats have the whole house at their disposal.

The garden is also completely adapted so that they can play safely or just lay down where they want.