Sacred Birmans & Maine Coons

Cattery van ’t Saenhof

Sacred Birmans & Maine Coons

September 22nd 2019:

    Information on kitten page updated and pictures E-litter and F-Litter added.

September 1st 2019:

    New pictures E-Litter added.

August 24th 2019:

    Information on kitten page updated and pictures E-litter added.

July 12th 2019:

    Information on kitten page updated.

April 7th 2019:

    New pictures D-Litter added.

March 17th 2019:

    New pictures D-Litter added.

March 10th 2019:

    Pictures and information about D-Litter added.

January 12th 2019:

    Last picture C-Litter added, and information on the kitten page updated.

November 18th 2018:

    New pictures C-Litter, Angel van ’t Saenhof and Madison’s Love Abby added.

November 11th 2018:

    Data Madison’s Love Abby completed.

November 4th 2018:

    New pictures C-Litter added.

October 29th 2018:

    Actual picture of Zinzi van ’t Saenhof added.

    And some information about our new acquisition, Madison’s Love Abby, added.

October 21st 2018:

    Pictures and information about C-Litter added.

September 9th 2018:

    Information on kitten page updated and new page for B-litter added.

August 17th & 25th 2018:

    Actual pictures of the A-Litter from last year in there current surroundings added.

August 5th 2018:

    New pictures B-Litter added

July 30th 2018:

    Information B-Litter updated.

July 22nd 2018:

    Information B-Litter updated.

June 26th 2018:

    Pictures and information about B-Litter and update other informations.

August 19th 2017:

    New pictures from the kittens of Dorothea added on the page Kittens.

August 7th 2017:

    Launch new website.

Cattery van ’t Saenhof